Clean water is vital to our health. The average person will drink about two-liters of water a day to stay hydrated. Having quality water is also crucial to our hygiene. We harness water as a tool that helps us clean ourselves and our homes everyday. This is only possible because we have found ways to affordably install water heaters, water filters, and water softeners in homes. This not only helps us improve our health, it helps improve the lifespan of household appliances. Despite the availability of these water treatment systems, Las Vegas is notorious for having some of the hardest water in the nation. Yet, hard water is just one of many complaints that homeowners have about municipal (Tap) water supplies.  

Contaminants in the water supply

In 2014, the Flint Water Crisis surfaced as the most prominent example of a municipal water supply contamination in the United States. The Flint Water Crisis was the result of insufficient water treatment that exposed over 100,000 residents to elevated levels of lead in the water supply. The water crisis has been ongoing for years as tap water has been considered unsafe for consumption.

Although Flint, Michigan is an extreme example of contamination in municipal water supplies it is still quite common to find other, less harmless contaminants in water. Most water treatment facilities will filter out bacteria and other contaminants by adding chlorine. This keeps the water free of bacteria while it travels through pipes into your home, but once it reaches your home it is not as necessary. A common complaint is that this added chlorine makes the water taste like pool water.

Another issue that is commonly reported is that of ‘hard” water that contains high levels of magnesium and calcium. While hard water is not unhealthy, the minerals in the water can be damaging to fabrics and appliances.

Because of the concentration of calcium and magnesium, hard water is notorious for leaving build-up around faucets. This is also the case with you laundry. The same water that leaves a chalky build-up near your sink is used to wash and rinse your clothes. These minerals wear out the fabric of your clothes and make it harder for soap suds to form. So what is the solution?

Water filtration and water softening

For over 60 years, Vegas Plumbing Service has been providing the residents of Southern Nevada with cost effective solutions for water contaminants. Vegas Plumbing Service can install, maintain, and if needed, replace your old water units in favor of modern and efficient water treatment systems. A water filter will help eliminate most traces of chlorine and other contaminants, while water softening works to remove extra minerals from your hard water.

These water treatment solutions will not only improve the quality of your home’s water supply, they will even save you money by preventing your appliances and fabrics from breaking down from high mineral concentrations.

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