Typically around the time that the new year rolls around, people are thinking about resolutions on how to better themselves, their lives, their health, and more. Often, this includes changing habits or behaviors in an effort to produce the desired result. What people don’t usually consider, however, is how they can adjust the environment around them in order to contribute to their resolutions. For instance, did you know that investing in filtered water can have a positive impact on your health? Many people aim to improve their health at the beginning of each year with goals such as going to the gym more often or trying a new diet. However, making a simple change like drinking filtered water instead of tap water, can make an even bigger change internally. 

Our Las Vegas Water Conditions

When we think of poor water conditions, we often picture third world countries drinking from muddy streams or having to dig their water out of wells. What we may not realize, however, is that we have a pretty harsh water supply right here in Las Vegas. Wherever you live around the world, having access to filtered water within your own home is extremely important. While it may not be feasible in some parts of the world, we have the ability to add high quality water filtration units into our houses here, and it may be in your best interest to invest in installing one. 

With the water supply in Vegas being so hard, you would think that most homes would have a filtration system in place, however this is not the case for around 97% of houses here in the valley! The lack of water filtration can cause issues for not only your home, but also for your own body. When thinking of your health resolutions this year, be sure to consider improving your conditions from the inside out. 

What is Hard Water?

In the most simple terms, hard water is a water supply that contains higher than average amounts of minerals and chemicals. These can include chlorine, fluoride, herbicides, pesticides, calcium, and more. In addition, hard water can contain high levels of bacteria. The Las Vegas water source has been found to contain 23 contaminants, 10 of which exceed health standards and 13 of which are simply present in the samples taken. Hard water can be particularly damaging to anything that it comes in contact with regularly, whether it be your internal organs, or the inside of your home’s pipes.

Hard Water and Your Health

In Vegas, the chemicals that exceed the health guidelines are: bromoform, chloroform, chromium (hexavalent), dibromochloromethane, dichloroacetic acid, radiological contaminants, total trihalomethanes (TTHMS), trichloroacetic acid, and hormones. Of these 10 contaminants, 9 of them are known carcinogens. In addition to having the potential to cause cancer, these chemicals can cause numerous other health issues. They have even been known to affect the quality of operation of your vital organs, and can contribute to heart disease. 

Hard Water and Your Home

Hard water doesn’t just affect your health and well-being. There can be serious consequences for your plumbing and pipes as well. The excess of minerals and chemicals that hard water contains can create buildups and blockages over a period of time. These can lead to clogs within your pipes, lowering the efficiency of your toilets, sinks, and other drains, and may even cause overflows. These buildups can also eventually break off of the pipe and cause abrasions within the interior of your plumbing fixtures. 

We think that preventing these health issues (and the potential damages to your plumbing) alone are a good enough reason to invest in a water filtration unit for your home. If you’re serious about pursuing better health in the new year, it may be time to take the leap and make your purchase. If you have more questions about water filtration and want to check out your options, contact us and we can help determine the best solution for you.