As with every topic, there are many myths associated with plumbing. To save you the time and trouble, we have gathered the most common myths and debunked them here!

Myth 1

Ice Cubes Will Sharpen Garbage Disposal Blades

We are not really sure where this myth got started, or how, as we have never reached for an ice cube to sharpen a knife when it gets dull. However, someone somewhere said that putting ice cubes down your garbage disposal will help to get your blades in tip top working condition. 

The Truth

In reality, garbage disposals don’t even have traditional blades as most people believe. Instead, they have features more resembling teeth that grind solids into liquids as opposed to slicing them into smaller pieces. Ice will do nothing but dull these teeth-like features. 

Myth 2

Bricks in Toilet Tanks Save Money

We all know that when we put things into water, the water level rises. Given this logic, it can be understood how the myth that putting a brick in your toilet tank could save you water. After all, the brick would make the water level rise faster, allowing it to become full while using less water. 

The Truth

Though this logic makes sense, and the concept may even be accurate, bricks in toilet tanks are not a good idea. These will cause issues with your toilet’s ability to flush, possibly causing permanent damage or prohibiting it from working correctly. If you are worried about the amount of water that your toilet is using, you can always look into getting a more efficient model. 

Myth 3

Hot Water Melts Grease, Preventing Clogs

This is another myth that has fairly sound logic behind it. After all, hot water does melt things. It certainly does liquify grease, which would make it easier to wash down the drain. It makes sense that people would think this is the best disposal method. 

The Truth

Yes, hot water does wash away grease pretty efficiently. However, the hot grease cools down eventually, settles within pipes, and solidifies out of reach of a common drain snake. The best way to dispose of grease is to wash it away with cool water, so that the solid pieces of grease can happily float away. 

Myth 4

Flushable Wipes Really Are Flushable

Sure, the packaging says that they are. Yes, they will flush down the toilet just like toilet paper. In moderation, they may not cause any issues.

The Truth

In reality, the claim that they are flushable has no implication of whether they are degradable. In fact, these wipes take a tremendously longer amount of time to break down than toilet paper. If these are overused, they will cause a backup in your pipes that could last a while. 

Myth 5

Drain Cleaners Are Safe

When you have a clog, do you reach for the Drain-O? These drain cleaners can be pretty effective at removing simple clogs and blockages. They should be totally safe for your durable pipes, right? 

The Truth

Wrong! Drain cleaners can be extremely abrasive and corrosive, leading to them eating away at your pipes. When you have a clog, try a plunger or auger, and if those do not work, then contact the experts. 

If you are ever unsure of what to do in a plumbing scenario, it is always best to get in touch with the experts. We have been in the business for over 60 years, so we know all the ins and outs, the myths and truths, and want to help you with whatever plumbing project presents itself. Contact us today!