Vegas may not get horribly harsh winters like some other parts of the country does, but the temperatures can drop, and this decrease can cause some changes to occur with the heat of your water as well. As you may know, water heaters come equipped with a temperature gauge so you can set it at your preferred heat level, and the amount that is in the tank (or that passes through a tankless heater), gets raised to that temperature and is ready and warm to use. Don’t let cooler temperatures put a damper on your warm water. 

Why is it Harder to Heat? 

When the temperature outside gets colder, however, your water heater may have to work a little harder to get the water warmed up, and it may be more difficult to keep it warm for as long as well. This occurs because not only is the air temperature lower, the temps underground, where your pipes run through, are lower as well. Since the surrounding atmosphere is colder, the water becomes colder a lot easier, thus making your water heater work a bit extra to get up to those temperatures that you want. 

While you are using your water, there is a constant flow in and out of the water heater. As it is working to heat the current level of water up, some flows out, and fresh cold water flows in. This lowers the temperature of the entire tank again, starting the process all over, and making it nearly impossible for your water heater to keep up. This is why sometimes, when it is extremely cold outside, even if you leave the water running for a few minutes to warm up, it never seems to get quite as hot as you want it to. 

Solving This Dilemma

Luckily, this issue is usually easily solved. As discussed, water heaters have a thermometer where you can set the temperature that you want your water kept at. In the winter, this temperature may potentially need to be raised so that the water will actually be effectively warmed up. 

If you have noticed that your water is not getting as hot as you would like, or if you would like to prevent this potentially becoming a problem in the future, try adjusting your water heater thermostat by 5 to 10 degrees at a time until you find the sweet spot. 

If you are not comfortable adjusting your water heater temperature, or if you have already tried this and it did not solve your problem, contact the experts at Vegas Plumbing Services today!