Tips on how to save money and energy with your water heater

Earlier this month, we published a blog going over how upgrading to a new water heater can save you money. If you have already done this, or are simply looking for other ways you can cut back on your water heating bill, this blog is for you! 

It is amazing how quickly utility bills can add up. From gas to electric to water, we may not realize how much we are using until the bill comes due. How can we cut back on usage if we don’t even recognize how much we use it? Here are some ways to be more mindful and trim some of the unnecessary ends of your water heating costs. 

Reduce Temperature

Traditional water heaters hold a certain amount of water in them, and keep it at a certain temperature, ready to go at a moment’s notice. When the water being held drops below this temperature, the water heater works hard to heat it back up. If you reduce this temperature the water is being held at by 10 degrees, you could a 3 to 5% difference in your water heating cost.

Check Your Pipes

Make sure that all of the pipes in your house are adequately insulated, as well as being properly connected throughout. In addition, make sure that none of these pipes are leaky, as this may slowly but surely add costs to your utility bills. 

Take Short Showers

Long, hot showers, or steamy baths can be relaxing for sure, but they can send your energy costs soaring. For every day cleanliness, try limiting the length of your showers. Even simply trimming the length of your shower by a minute or two will add up. 

Turn the Water Off

Letting the water run may be a force of habit at this point, but learning to turn the faucet off while brushing your teeth, or while you step away to grab the soap when doing dishes, can cut down on your costs over time. 

By practicing these tips in your everyday life, you can lower your overall utility costs, utilize your water heater more efficiently, and free up some money for other expenses. If you have any water heater questions or concerns, contact us today!